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REGAL Boats – Pursuing The Ultimate Boating Experience

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Windermere Boat Sales are proud to have been appointed Regal dealers for The Lake District and North of England

Paul and Carol Kuck founded Regal Marine Industries in 1969. In the pursuit of a vision, they left the legacy of a new world class standard in boating luxury. However, the hope was initially set back in 1973 when the Kucks lost most of their original investment to the energy crisis. “Whatever happens from this time forward,” Paul prayed, “is because of You.” With God’s help and bold determination, the Kucks began to reinvent innovation and customer service – leading to more than 40 years of success. Today, Regal boats define state-of-the-art craftsmanship, and continue to carry Paul and Carol’s philosophy that faith and stewardship will always guide the way.

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